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EDIS Updates: Additional compliance report, Monthly report enhancements, Additional photo management

This is a short update on the EDIS changes made over the past 3 months:

Based on user requests EDIS continues to improve. The enhancements aim to make the system easier to use; saving you money and time in managing your electrical compliance programmes.  Over the past 3 months the following enhancements and features have been rolled out: 

NEW!  Board last inspection date report.  This provides a report on the last time a board appeared in a Condition Report, essentially providing the date  for the last time it was inspected.  The circuit last test can be determined from the existing Last/Next test date per circuit report.  Both these reports are accessed via the Manage Compliance menu option.

NEW!  Manage images associated with Observations and Recommendations. This provides a mechanism to load and associate images with Observations and Recommendations found during the inspection and testing process, making it easier to view pictures associated with obserrvations.

ENHANCEMENT!  Improvements to the monthly report.   The monthly report now shows a RAG status based on the 'age' of an action item, where items have been left unattended for more than 9 months the item is flagged as Red, between 3 and 6 months the item is Amber for items less than 3 months old, there is no colour code. 

ENHANCEMENT!  Improvements to compliance reporting.  In order to provide better visibility of when circuits are due for testing this report now shows date ranges for when circuits are due for testing, i.e  in the next 3 months, 3 to 6 months and  6 to 9 months  and 9+ month 

EDIS LOCAL RELEASE!  EDIS Local V3.0.1.5 has been updated, EDIS Local syncs with EDIS Cloud making it easier for your contractors to work with EDIS Cloud.



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