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Electrical certification software for estates

Choreographed electrical testing



Smarter EI&T using the EDIS Cloud




Smarter EI&T ensures your buildings are compliant and your duty of care is fulfilled



EDIS is used in large estates and large buildings providing a single repository for their electrical compliance data



Smarter data capture service to ensure you get the best out of your data

EDIS provides greater visibility and control over electrical works throughout the Hackney Council commercial sites

“Fixed Wire Testing is a particularly sensitive activity and one of the many responsibilities Hackney has under Statutory Legislation.  The EDIS system is bespoke and tailored for activity specific to our sites. It will give Hackney much greater visibility and control over the work carried out on electrical circuits throughout the Hackney commercial sites,” says Paul Jarvis, Maintenance Contract Manager at Hackney Council.

 “We are delighted to have Hackney Council as a client and are working with them closely to ensure all their historical information is integrated into the EDIS system.  Hackney Council will benefit from the comprehensive electrical data capture and data curation to ensure that all electrical records are correctly managed and stored for reporting on electrical risks and for risk-based compliance planning,” announced Ashleigh Hurford, director at Cobweb IS, the developers of the EDIS system.

In future, all electrical contractors working with Hackney’s electrical and testing projects will be required to create their certificates using the EDIS system. EDIS enables designers, constructors, maintainers, electricians and building managers to easily share information throughout the building's handover, operations and maintenance lifecycle, ensuring that electrical certificates, electrical distribution board schedules and electrical testing dates are always up to date.  All the information can be viewed in a browser or downloaded as a PDF or Excel.

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