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Choreographed electrical testing



Smarter EI&T using the EDIS Cloud




Smarter data capture service to ensure you get the best out of your data



Smarter EI&T ensures your buildings are compliant and your duty of care is fulfilled



Electrical certification software for estates



EDIS is used in large estates and large buildings providing a single repository for their electrical compliance data

EDIS Powers Smarter Electrical Inspection and Testing

EDIS powers Smarter EI&T - providing a better way to plan and manage electrical inspection and testing programmes

 The current approaches to planning and executing fixed wire electrical inspection and testing programmes are broken are - they are neither effective or efficient. The processes used are not consistent or automated; disparate systems are used to store the data and documentation making effective planning is difficult. The current approach to creating, storing and delivering required documents leads to a proliferation of document types which make analysis and planning difficult.  Following the inspection and testing, the same issues apply to managng remedial works.

The Smarter EI&T process is supported by data driven systems, consistent processes and automated Searching, Planning, Testing and Monitoring.

The current chellngrd include: 

    • SEARCHING FOR DATA and DOCUMENTS: Where is the list of boards? Where are the boards? How many circuits? Which are the high risk boards?  What circuit feeds which room?
    • PLANNING THE PROJECT:   Which circuits are due for testing, What was tested last, where is the highest risk, what is practicable?
    • TESTING 1,000’s OF CIRCUITS TO BS7671:   What test has been done (Zs, IR, polarity, RCD), How do I track the faults?
    • MONITORING:  Tracking the status, Which areas, which circuits, which tests, how much still needs to be tested? 
    • GOVERNANCE - Without the right governance SMARTER EI&T is not possibleGovernance assures that the process is followed correctly and the system is used appropriately.  Governance requires clear: 
Contracts - build the governance of the process and data management into the contract
Work instructions (schedule, process)
Agree to pay only on completion of work, testing AND signed documentation


SYSTEM - Without a system SMARTER EI&T is not possible 

●Data driven - EDIS is a data driven system 

 ●Process automation - EDIS automates the Smarter EI&T process  

   ●Document and record management - EDIS provides document and record management for Smarter EI&T 

The EDIS system provides the features and functions required for creating, editing and managing all electrical distribution data, certificates, PDFs, etc.. 

EDIS Powers Smarter Electrical Inspection and Testing


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